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The organic element of the textile has woken up the necessity of expressing the different skins of this existence in me.


The first skin is one’s self, it’s your inner silence.


The second skin is the clothing, that’s why we transform our raw material into your coat, your direct containment texture.


In our collection “America” we chose some of the colors used by the first inhabitants of our native populations, we decided to use a collection of analog, warm and vibrant colors in textures such as velvet, linen, and some other types of cottons.


We developed ten colors divided into five complementary pairs, using ecru as our starting point. We dye our textiles through an artisan process, we cut and sew them by hand into exclusive pieces with the objective to connect with our true nature, unique and unrepeatable.


The third skin is your habitat, your house, your home which is why we provide and use our authentic textiles, imperfect, dyed and processed through an artisan technique so that this sensory experience becomes a part of your everyday life.


Enjoy, feel, and vibrate in this new change of conscience.


This is the result of an intense labor, to achieve excellence in our products without losing our originality in each and every one of them.


From Argentina to the World with love and professionalism.

Mariana Pussacq