Healthy Interiors

From our interior to the Interiors that surround us, color as a healing method.

Healthy Interiors is a method I developed with lots of Love, with the aim of unifying the spiritual Being with the Being that inhabits the space we call Home. It's an invitation to gain awareness of who we are, what we really like and what we need.

The extension of our Being is our own Home.

I have been practicing meditation daily for quite some time. And precisely, it is in that state of consciousness where I very clearly felt the presence of our energetic body, symbolized in colors that correspond to different points of our physical body. Our physical body and our health are the result of the flow of our energetic body. There we can find the memories of what is experienced in this and other existences... We are infinite beings, eternal beings, and our Home is where our physical body inhabits, the space that sustains our own awareness. Each of the environments in our home can be linked with each of our chakras, making it very easy to understand the predominant color, vibration that rules in each space to convey its own resonance energy & healing method. Each environment of our Home is linked to one of the chakras. This facilitates the understanding of the frequency at which the room vibrates & the predominant color associated with it. In this way, we can find the healing energy and resonance that pertains to every space..


We can affirm that the principal colors in the universe are 7, and these correspond with the 7 colors present in the chakras as well. Color is information that comes directly from the main source, which is the source of Life, creator of everything and everyone. The correct choice of the color you choose to dress with or to set your habitat will result in harmony, healing and a feeling of comfort with yourself. Aligning with what you feel, what you think and what you say as an expression of your own Being. The spaces we inhabit are our own expression. I call the use of color as a healing method Healthy Interiors.